Abortion Essay

by Alvin

Posted on Sept. 18, 2021, 7:56 p.m.

This topic is one that should be left as a personal matter, but has become a political and public objective. In terms of abortion, there are two main stances that can be taken, depending on one’s own personal beliefs.

Who would expect, something as private as the untimely death of one’s baby, would become one of the most controversial and heart wrenching topics in politics, household debates, and countless people’s personal life? This topic is one that should be left as a personal matter, but has become a political and public objective. In terms of abortion, there are two main stances that can be taken, depending on one’s own personal beliefs. There is a group of people who are pro-choice, which believe that a woman should have the right to have an abortion if she chooses, it is her body and therefore she should have the ability to make that decision. They heavily rely on the idea that life of a fetus does not begin until birth, rather than conception. Then there is the pro-life group, who firmly believe that it is not acceptable under any circumstance to abort a baby, as it is a human from the moment of conception, making abortion an act of murder.

Throughout the world, women are slaughtering innocent fetuses by the act of abortion. There are 3,288 abortions every day (McCulloch 21) in the United States that have been recorded, not to mention the hundreds of cases in which women illegally and dangerously abort their babies. How is this justified, you may ask? It is justified by the argument and large base of pro-choice people which believe that life does not begin until a baby is exposed to the world outside of their mothers’ womb. They may argue that under some circumstances, abortion is the reasonable choice to make. Excuses that some people offer consist of rape victims, potential danger to the mother, and children who are expected to have birth defects. “We’ve been told for years that there are situations in which abortion, though a poor choice is the best option. That, however, is untrue. Abortion always claims a human person’s life, and therefore is never an appropriate choice” (McCulloch 22). The taking of a person’s life is not acceptable under any circumstance, regardless of the time passed since conception. 

It is difficult, even for a radical pro-life activist woman to admit that it should not be a woman’s right to abort her baby, because it is her body. On the other hand, the baby also is developing a body of their own, and who should have the “right” to decide to take that away from them? One of the most appalling statements I have encountered throughout my research must be this, “someone’s right to privacy or autonomy can in some cases outweigh the value of a human life” (Swartz, Nico P., & Jonas Oboyne 157). This is beyond morally confused, and disregards any ethics that we are ever exposed to throughout life. The idea that someone could actually fathom a human’s “privacy” outweighing another person’s right to life astonishes me. If it is acceptable to kill a baby to protect a woman’s privacy, what will keep people from killing infants because they are considered a nuisance to their parents? They are developing, they are youthful, and they are not fully equipped for life, so does this make infants and fetus’ equals? If so, killing a fetus is equivalent to murdering an infant or a young child.

Not only is it an act of murder to snuff out the potential life of a fetus, but is potentially very dangerous for the mother, and extremely painful for the baby. Procedures include various chemicals and medicines, as well as quite a few surgical procedures (some being very unorthodox, often practiced by women in poverty, such as the use of clothes hangers to scrape the fetus out of the womb which is extremely dangerous to the mother). The most common method for the first trimester is suction which consists of dismembering and sucking the baby out with a sharp-ended vacuum. Later in pregnancy, a doctor may dismember the baby with forceps and crush the fully developed skull in order to extract the baby. When aborting well in to the third trimester, an abortionist may pull the baby out of the womb feet first, stopping before the head exits fully, shove scissors in to the skull and spread the ends, creating a hole in the baby’s head so they are able to suck out its brain, and proceed to crush the skull and remove the remains of the unborn baby. It is also a common procedure to simply make an incision to the mother’s abdomen and remove the baby, either setting it aside to die, or having the abortionist or nurse kill it.