Food Sustainability And Hunger Crisis

by Alvin

Posted on Sept. 18, 2021, 5:34 p.m.

With the rising population, environment keeps on degrading because people are clearing up forests to settle on bare land. It creates hunger in the long run because with no vegetation, rains will be a problem and the soil will lose its fertility as there is no plants to hold them
Recent financial times create a panic when it comes to securing the best meal to provide on the table. With the rising population, environment keeps on degrading because people are clearing up forests to settle on bare land. It creates hunger in the long run because with no vegetation, rains will be a problem and the soil will lose its fertility as there is no plants to hold them. Meaning, the land keeps losing its fertility making it hard to plant anything in the future. As a result, scientists came up with green houses that assist in plant growth in the dry areas. Although the problem comes with the chemicals being used for the plant growth. The chemicals are not only dangerous to the surrounding environment, but also the food grown out of them is unhealthy because the plant did not mature naturally. Eating unhealthy food makes a person less productive as the nutrients will not be in equal proportion to what an individual need for proper growth. Perhaps food sustainability is the only way to avoid hunger in being socially responsible and economically fair. Food Sustainability The definitions of food sustainability sum up to developing a system to feed the human population without compromising the future generations to meet their needs (Godfray, H. C. J., & Garnett, T., 2014). Additionally, the sustainable food production is dependent on some factors such as availability of fertile land, water, and an adequate climate. Such factors are controllable by the actions of the human population around because destroying natural resources in the environment results to low chances in sustainability for the future generation. The link to sustainable Agriculture is undeniable referring to the form bill addressed by the US Congress in 1990 (Beus, C. E., & Dunlap, R. E., 1990). The bill meets the public concern to enhance the quality of life for farmers and the society as a whole because unhealthy people are unproductive. For the world to grow, human choices play a major role in ensuring the natural resources and environmental quality to which plants depend on is in maintenance. Furthermore, almost everything is industrious and the waste coming out of production processes pose a threat to the environment in the long run when left untreated. For example, the gaseous fumes released in industries may result to acidic rain that will ruin the surrounding vegetation to cause low fertility in the soil. Without fertile land, food sustainability remains a dream that is drifting further from the human race that is rising in population with hungry stomachs that need feeding. As a result, most organizations are developing the three dimensions of sustainability. Meaning that for a company to be sustainable it needs to be environmentally dependable, economically feasible, and socially responsible (Gray, M. R., & Milne, M., 2013). Even when depleting natural resources when mining, the least the company could do is being socially responsible by compensating the population that was settling there and cleaning waste products before releasing them to natural resources like water. Besides, every person has their idea of sustainability which includes the concept of organic food production. Human Actions Affecting Food Sustainability Like all living things, humanity depends on nature for survival. As much as a person needs to be economically fit, without the proper health there is no progress to the future generation. Meaning, everyone needs to be environmental conscious in maintaining soil fertility that facilitations the growth of trees in preventing soil erosion. Some industries like the mining companies leave the land bear without any precautions to ensure there is no erosion taking place like planting trees. The land gives the humans economical value when it comes to the minerals beneath, the least people can do is give back by protecting it in that even if there is minerals in a certain location. After excavating, the holes drilled in the earth’s surface should be covered and the surrounding environment taken care of to ensure the fertility remains the same because leaving the land bare may lead to conditions like having a desert in the long run. After all, that is what will be left of a land with no green vegetation. Moreover, a person’s diet affects the sustainability in many ways including health (Tilman, D., & Clark, M. (2014). When a person is not healthy, their mortality rate is high as they become susceptible to many diseases that can affect the future generation. Eating healthy contributes to strength of the body and mind. Reducing the mortality rate creates a chance for more advancements in the human race as time gives the person the ability in continuing a research to better the lives of other people. Many people are not living healthy in eating vegetables. Meat- based products take time to mature naturally and people are competing to get a taste whenever they can. It creates a competition in the market that scientists come up with genetically modified organisms as another option. Such foods are unhealthy and regular consumptions may cause disease like cancer and obesity. There needs to be an understanding that some plants bear the same minerals as meat and people should have options instead of competing for one product. It results to shortage in the long run. Being diverse allows time for plant and animal growth. Another problem comes with feeding the people who are overweight despite their contribution to excess emissions of carbon dioxide gases through respiration in response to their large body masses. People should learn eating healthy habits because almost every day there is a new born with a stomach expecting to be fed till growth. Over eating creates competition and food insecurity. As a result, some people end up with nothing left for their survival. In addition to this, the overweight’s lead to increasing use of motor vehicle as personal mobility becomes like hard labor work for them. This increasing use of machines creates a moisture full of carbon dioxide emissions that displaces oxygen in the air and can lead to health complaints like headaches. When people are unhealthy their productivity level is low, substituting animal based protein to vegetables helps in reducing food insecurity and people maintaining a good health. Besides, foods are grown differently according to the conditions required to a certain plant. Meaning, there are areas that are more nutritious than others providing healthy plants in the process. There should be crossbreeding to enhance nutrition in all places. Some people remain to their products like it is the only thing for survival. Being diverse in products is healthy because some foods are not able to be grown in dry areas whereas others in humid areas. Through transportation and trading of foods, one is able to access all the required and needed proteins for the body strength. Thus, being healthy. Climate Change and Food Security With the increase in industrial and greenhouse activities to ensure adequacy of food for the growing population. It causes carbon dioxide accumulation in the air and as a result the ozone layer which protects the earth surface from the rays of the sun gets destroyed. Global warming causes climatic changes that alter ecosystems, water resources, even the health status of people because of increasing number of deaths due to factors like floods. For example, when temperatures are high, it leads to increased precipitation along water bodies which in turn cause floods that kill he people living near a water body. Population is decreasing and the environment is not improving either because when the water washes from the shore back in the ocean. It carries all the nutrients present leaving the ground bare. The rising temperatures also causes a change in the distribution and the volume of water present in the ground. This is because people source for water beneath the earth. A change in volume will affect many activities including industrial. It creates competition for the little that is available until there in none left leaving the land dry. Increase in desert areas will cause competition for food as plants would have died the only option remaining to be animals. Depending on the situation present there might be human to human conflicts where all edible animals have been eaten and people start looking at each other like they are dinner. It all begins with the people, being environmentally conscious protects the surrounding and in turn there is food for all population. It is the ignorance in the people that kills the environment around them as a person would be lazy to plant a tree but be fast in cutting one for wood or fire. Priorities in life enable people survive the harshest conditions to a secure future. Although human is to error, people need to be cautious with their daily routines and its effect on the environment in the long run. Nonetheless, not everyone has the same financial aid in providence for what they want. Some people are blessed with wealth whereas others keep on struggling to get by each day hoping for a new dawn. In the United States, ‘while 15.9% of Americans lived in food-insecure households, 21.6% of children had uncertain access to food’(Frohlich,2014). People live in different regions and some are dry where there is sparse population, especially around the borders of the states. Children are starving and facing the danger of death because there is no adequate transportation to access adequate food as some are highly perishable being unable to grow in dry areas. It is easier when there is awareness of where a person can get adequate access to nutritional food options in preventing health hazards to promoting the growth of a nation as a whole. However, food access is not an important update to a person who is lacks the means to purchase what they need. Getting a job is a necessity to survive the recent economic times. Without employment there is an increase to poverty rates and acquiring food one needs to have the resources to either grow or buy some. Being unable to provide for oneself can cause conflicts between human where a person attacks another for food. Nobody wants to stay hungry and the government seems blind to the increasing population with no employment to give for their providence. As a result, there is food insecurity. The rich will buy everything good they find with the mind that food is running out leaving the one with no employment a zero chance at securing something good with nutritional benefits. People need to learn that the nation can be stronger when everyone is healthier in working towards solving common problems like hunger. Hunger Crisis Without developing a good system to ensure equitable distribution and sustainability of food leads to none left in the long run. The relationship between food sustainability and hunger is undeniable as one incident lead to the next. People should stop focusing on short-term economic gains that assist in depleting earth’s natural resources to focus on solving the large burden of hunger that might result to the death of many if not handled accordingly. People are born with the ability to think. Food helps in supplying the brain and body parts nutritional needs to perform the functions needed. For example, if there is no sustainability and a person has no access to food, all they will be thinking about is getting something to satisfy their need at the moment. Meaning, it is hard for an individual to focus in the real issues evolving them in an empty stomach. As a result, the majority will end up suffering and the few incapable of resetting the whole situation to prevention of hunger. It is surprising what hunger can make a person do, but for it the madness stops once the stomach is full. Poverty takes a person for a lifetime with no way to sustain the basic or the social needs. The government should align their focus in providing job opportunities for the growing population because when hunger strikes people can start hinting each other down for survival. It is an epidemic that is yet to stop more so in the dry areas. Instead of providing people with food, the individuals should concentrate on making a better environment for plant growth as leaving the land bear will result to an expansion of the dry areas. Perhaps, it may be the reason of the decreasing population in the countryside. People move from the country side to urban areas because there is not enough food and it causes an increase in population with not enough to feed everybody. The children suffer the most because they need the most nutrition in their growth. However, hunger exists in three states. To begin with, there is chronic hunger which is as a result of not eating healthy food. This comes out poverty or being employed in an underpaying job that allows a certain type of lifestyle. Meaning, a person is not capable of health nutrition or clean water. Everything is economical even the water that the earth gives free to people. Some found a way to monetarize the resource. Despite that, health should be the number one priority of an individual because without it the body dies slowly. Acute hunger affects people who have malnutrition. Mostly they are the ones who have already been affected by chronic hunger. The latter is extreme as it is in association with drought stricken areas. Then there is hidden hunger that comes as a result of unbalanced diet. At first, the consequences to this is not visible but could lead to death in the long-run. Especially for children, not having a balanced diet brings about several issues growing up causing a child to be impaired physically or mentally. Children are the future of the nation, not providing for their upbringing is a call of failure to development. Causes of Hunger Hunger is not a one-man problem as it inhibits the whole region rendering the population inefficient and unhealthy (World Health Organization, 2010). Inefficiency reduces the productivity level as people get weak because the body is not receiving the needed food for energy. Meaning, it destroys large populations in the long run because weak citizens are not healthy in building a strong base for a future development. Apparently some causes that result in total hunger are as a result of a person’s error. For example, during times of war, the armed forces drive large masses away causing people to leave their lands bare and in the process losing all their possessions. This is not all, because agricultural infrastructures and roads do not survive the displacement. It is inhuman to chase people from their homes because of conflicts that is not in association with improving their lives. Settling in one place is the first step of civilization because then a person would think of improving themselves both economically and in creating a good foundation for children’s growth like establishing schools. Being on the run because of wars makes a person uncertain of the environment to which they are heading to and seeking for meals becomes hard as times change. Leaving vegetation and the environment unattended causes its degradation because there are times when rains wash away the soil and without proper irrigation scheme with the aim of preventing erosion, drought comes to the land in the long-run. People are there to control fertility by taking care of the land, which in turn the natural produce become the reward. The same goes for a person. For one to be productive in contributing to the society they must not be starving because the brain will not function as efficiently. Besides, children should be a number one priority to education. When people flee children grow without a home and no education to help them cope with the harsh economic times. After all, for one to come up with ways of stopping starvation, there is need for an understanding of what it entails. Without the knowledge of the root problem, the solution will not come easy rendering people helpless. This increases the gap between the rich and the poor. There is inequality that makes people not able to provide for themselves all their needs because of insufficient currency. People are set out to destroy the environment because employment opportunities are not there when there are industrial activities that destroy nature by releasing untreatable gases which in turn destroys the ozone layer. The real problem should be met in allowing the least people with the drive in making a safe environment by being socially dependable. As if the rich in individual states do not press people enough, that are the ones who decide the rules of international policy. Meaning, trade is a negotiation of who has the most economical value. It ruins the mindset of organizations as people will work for economic value by exhausting natural resources without taking time in ensuring everything is environmental friendly. Moreover, the leaders of today do not align their policies to the need of the poor population. Meaning, the rich are doing all they can in securing even more to themselves by actions like land grabbing rendering the poor powerless with the currency to take the government for a case to court. Besides, there is no strategy to improving the agriculture. Leaving the land bare does not improve its fertility as poor governance contributes to hunger with many people losing their homes for the rich to grab in building structures like expensive hotels. There is no use for expensive lifestyle when there is not enough people to spend money in them. If everybody lived like the rich people, then the world would deplete of natural resources at a faster rate. There is wastage of natural resources by exploiting the land for enjoyment leading to expansions of desserts and water scarcity that results to climatic changes causing hunger as food will fail to grow without all the factors needed. Effects of Hunger According to research, millions of people in America struggle with hunger (Galvin, 2019). Meaning, almost the same number struggles with poverty. Growing up before being born. A child is exposable to many diseases. When a pregnant mother does not feed herself, the baby will be underweight. It is a disadvantage because the child will have a stunted growth that will separate them from their peers who eat healthy. It causes a problem with the immunity of a child because growing needs a lot of energy. This energy that the body needs is drawn from the nutrition present in food. Not having enough makes the body weak as it uses the little strength left to grow. Adults sacrifice a lot to see their children feed and growing to healthier babies because a weak body is vulnerable to diseases and the end result will be death. Hence, decreasing the potential of future growth. Nevertheless, there is no investment to a greater future when the government thinks of building educational facilities without ensuring that every household basic needs are okay. Children are caught in between to look for employment in satisfying their daily needs instead of going to school. It is the cause of most drop outs as a person can never concentrate in class when all they are thinking about is how they will get food. In addition to that, when a child fails to eat foods enriched with the right balance of vitamins and minerals, the brain fails to develop properly. Children grow into adult, and before that their growth needs energy. Failure of enough causes on to have a slow brain leaving the future to a generation with less intelligence. There will be no development if the world is filled with trivial thinkers. To be big in survival at the top chain, an individual needs their brain for the critical thinking in planning strategies that are environmental friendly and socially equitable. It is common nature of all animals to move where there is hope for survival. For the people who are lucky in migrating to nearby towns from deserted regions filled with hunger, there advantage runs out when it comes to looking for a suitable good paying job. They continue suffering because of food inefficiency when growing that made them perform poorly academically because their brains are not receiving enough to process energy of thinking. Low education comes at a price and when living with people who are own a lot, some could start getting ideas in earning their ages through different means. It can be through stealing. The public is also in threat in the long run because eventually the poor will want their piece of the pie and the rich will no longer be in defense as numbers rule. Many states that have people who are starving will do poorly with their economy. It is because when people do not live healthy lives, the will not have the right frame of mind to be working. Both as an industrial worker or laborer. The body will lack the energy to give a person the will to work for a salary that is not able to feed their thirst in monetary value. As a result, people will stay home lazy and ill from time to time causing low productivity as there is no interest in the work being done. With the high numbers of people falling ill due to malnutrition, the government is forced to show a caring nature by providing food care in giving people hope for a better tomorrow. People keep on living from hand to mouth, with little or no money left for any kind of investment. This draws back the whole community as there is nothing new happening resulting to no growth as a whole nation. The government should put in consideration employing people before thinking of ways in reducing hunger among them. It is the harsh economic times that pushes a person to the limit of doing almost anything in pursuit of getting something to eat. Providing free food for aid is okay but it also consumes the economic expenditure making the country spend much of their resources in helping the needy other than using the money for other investments. When many people work, households will have a bread winner that assists in providing every day meal in ensuring people grow healthy to achieving their dreams and building a better nation. Conclusion In conclusion the world is becoming more industrialized while the earth itself is dying because of the activities done in pursuit of economic gain. There is no room for actual progress when the gap between the rich and poor keeps on expanding. It is true that everyone works for everything they have, but some gain wealth through unrecognizable means. Such individuals should take a step back and appreciate the opportunity they have and help others to getting the see money because as much as not everyone is set out to do something. People are talented in many ways and they can use what they have to get paid. it is better to dream than living waiting to die with no hope of survival. Children have many dreams; parents should ensure that a child grows healthily in securing future leaders and a better tomorrow. Life itself evolves around energy and food gives a body the energy to function. Good health is essential to survival and a beginning to civilization. References Beus, C. E., & Dunlap, R. E. (1990). Conventional versus alternative agriculture: The paradigmatic roots of the debate. Rural sociology, 55(4), 590-616. Frohlich, T. 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