by Alvin

Posted on Sept. 18, 2021, 8:08 p.m.

Obama was the first black president in the history of the United States of America. His watershed 2008 triumph and the presidency later on profoundly altered a scheme, the familiar tale of the Native America culture.



Obama was the first black president in the history of the United States of America. His watershed 2008 triumph and the presidency later on profoundly altered a scheme, the familiar tale of the Native America culture. This alteration traces to the vision of the forefathers, how the aesthetics of American people was to be transformed through narrow vision of legislation and citizenship into something more elegant and submissive. The American nation looked different, and for some reason the president too looked unique. The victory looked to have fulfilled the great vision shared by the American elites in ambitions of civil rights of extraordinary talented black people to facets of excellence.

First lady Mitchell Obama and the daughters extended such reimaging of blacks by the provision of essential insights of loving and healthy American generation to defy the stereotype of racism. However much Obama administration may have been active and resilient to deliver, his end service saw lots of elites criticize his legacy. The most common is the historic perspective behind his dwells and finally the election of 2016.

Therefore, this paper presents the historical argument that on Obama’s regime and the election of 2016 as per documentation of the Atlantis magazine.

The victory of the first black American president enshrined the effect of the 43 male presidents before Obama’s era. Many critics overhauled the victory and dismissed as merely a symbol of African American dominance; however as the writer of the article states, no minor issue when symbols are brought to question (Zelizer, 2018). The writer is right to point out that however much the word ‘nigger’ is symbolic to the blacks; it may not raise standards for better living. Thus, the outlines of the confederate flag may not expand the wealth gaps. The void created by the predecessors was lifted by Obama’s triumph in 2008.

Nevertheless, before then I must concur with the Coates that the most remarkable success for the blacks were informs of athletes and entertainers. For a moment, whiteness had the advantage segmentation of the generation, but elevation of Obama’s regime ensured the relief of 220 years of monopoly dominance in the United States of America (Riley et al, 2016). Obama gave free cellphones to the less fortunate in society. Moreover, his action to complain how whites were small-minded to govern everything their way showed the need to balance races. Racism in US soil is not a tale of today. Historic injustices always trace Africans on the weaker side while whites “badge” on the stronger side. In Obama’s limelight there was no liberal, conservative, black, white, Latino, no Asian, somewhat the United States of America (Jacobs et al, 2016). He remained calmed trying to mend the historical error ascribed in the country history. Sincerely speaking, Obama was skilled, and he emoted a connection to the blacks while also never doubting the whites.

If the president failed to cement his legacy in the form of Hillary winning the 2016 election, his limits of optimism might have proved limits; however much this in sighted the exceptionality of his attribute to winning the previous election (Zelizer, 2018). The writer exclaims that Obama walked on ice but never fell thus, nothing suggests that any talks he had directly on racism in American lifestyles bore fruits due to the elliptical history of racism.

Obama’s keynote speech addressed the historical literature of other leaders. The speech must have been a prospective and reality showered just as Abraham Lincoln earlier invoked in dreams of future America. Conceived in liberty and idealized in the union that all people are equal, Lincoln's idea and Obama’s marries by conflated slavery and nation immigrants’ realism (Riley et al, 2016). All these ensured that the rights of the majority were kept upfront while declining the fate of nightmare unto the minority. The only notation by Roosevelt still clematises on black's bits of fear. Thus, Obama portrayed a character of embracing whites to survive politically.

Obama had been born in a country where laws barred his conceptualized ideal of the presidency, and a black president would be contradiction for a government that oppressed the blacks in its history. Historically in black culture to be reprimanded to the race, one had to be exposed to several traumas from childhood, whereas for the Obama case this is unique since he traces origin from a small village in Kenya and thus had a unique biography to the present blacks. Obama had the breakthrough since he had won loyalty having been with blacks; thus he represented them at election both 2008, 2004 (Jacobs et al, 2016). He had a good interaction earlier with white farmers, something that gave him a better look than blacks did in the 1960s.

The election of 2016 had the program Obama favored; however, no assurance remained assertive that they would eschew discrimination. The writer acknowledges the considerable changes Obama had because of American soil, but the incoming president Trump seemed to endanger all these aspects (Riley et al, 2016).  Being the only white black American with broad divides, he thought the perception of the whites had transcended to achieve national appeal thus, for his policy to had been transformed to the elections of 2016 he needed a helper. Since most of the people, he helped attain some seats more so the whites became an obstacle when he made changes too even the health reformation for the American people (Zelizer, 2018). It is entirely satisfactory that individual racism played a significant role in his calculation. The defeat to his reputation of continuing the black races traces back when he won in 2008, with white officials enacting strict voting process to make it hard for African Americans.

The rise of Donald trump impedes on the reasons he did not see Obama as an American. In addition, the Republican Party is slowly killing the US with its backward misogyny


 I concur with the writer that the Americans who supported trump in 2016 might have had liberal condescension. The Obama era had the word racism forgotten upon the ordinary generation. David Brooks still surprised at how much talks of misogyny motivated the supported of president trump. The difference between the Obama era and the 2016 polls points to the historical view of American since Obama required to be a Harvard law trainee and decade political experienced fellow while Donald needs only money and white blusters.